About NVO Transport

220 trucks on the road

NVO Transport BV is a cooperation of 54 transport organisations in the northern region of the Netherlands. NVO Transport was founded in 1965 and is located along the A7 highway in Zuidbroek. Every day, we drive to Sweden, Denmark, Norway and back with more than 180 trucks in the NVO corporate style. On top of that, twenty charters also transport goods for NVO. These are potential members of the cooperation. During peak times, up to 220 trucks with NVO shipments are on the road in the Benelux and Scandinavia.

Fleet and drivers

The NVO members and charters all use relatively new trucks. All vehicles are traceable 24/7 and equipped with B3 alarm systems. Our fleet consists of 95 trucks with curtainsiders, 70 trucks with refrigeration trailers and 15 truck-trailer combinations.

We exclusively work with Dutch drivers. All of our drivers have a Certificate of Good Behaviour and the required (inter)national diplomas and personal safety certificates. Our drivers drive and supervise your transport from door to door, in the Netherlands and abroad. This means that the entire process, from picking up the cargo to transporting it by road and boat and the final delivery of the goods, is handled solely by NVO drivers.