NVO Transport BV has ordered eight new mega trailers from Schmitz. The first four of these trailers have already been delivered. With these trailers, NVO can transport loading volumes of up to 100 m3.
The maximum interior height is three metres, which can be optimally utilised with a mechanically adjustable roof.

The trailers have a code-XL certification.
This certification allows the transporter to transport cargo without additionally securing it with lashing straps and load beams. This saves valuable time during loading and unloading and therefore results in more efficient services.

These trailers have the option to bring along a forklift.
The first of these has already been delivered by Terberg Kinglifter b.v. The forklift is transported on the back of the trailer, so no space is lost inside. It is ready for use in just one minute.
This allows NVO Transport BV to efficiently load and unload cargo, even if there are insufficient loading and unloading options available. The drivers in question are trained and certified to operate the forklift. The machine itself is subjected to an annual safety inspection.