Shipping Scandinavia

Koeltransport Scandinavië Koeltransport Zweden Koeltransport Denemarken Koeltransport Noorwegen Koeltransport Finland

Shipping to Scandinavia

For transport to Scandinavia, we offer the following services:

Refrigerated transport
Express transport
Full loads
Volume transport

If you have questions about transport to Scandinavia, please do not hesitate to contact us, or request a quotation.

220 lorries providing shipping to Scandinavia on the road

NVO Transport BV is a cooperative of 54 transport companies in the north of the Netherlands and was founded in 1965. NVO Transport is located on the A7 in Zuidbroek in the Province of Groningen, near the German border crossing Bad Nieuweschans. Every day, we drive to Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and back with more than 180 lorries in NVO livery. NVO also has 20 permanent charters, who are potential members of the cooperative. On peak days, there are 220 lorries with NVO cargo on the road in the Benelux and Scandinavia.