In late December of 2015, NVO Transport BV was awarded the AEO certification by the customs department. With this certification, the customs department recognises NVO Transport as a reliable party.

AEO status
By acquiring the AEO certification, NVO strives to create a safe work environment for its employees and make an optimal contribution to a secure logistical chain. As an addition to its other certifications, the AEO status demonstrates that NVO meets strict requirements and operates in an organised and systematic manner. The certification guarantees that NVO complies with customs and fiscal legislation, that the organisation is financially healthy and that it offers optimal security for the flow of goods.

Benefits for clients
NVO’s acquisition of the AEO status offers clients a range of benefits as well. For example, fewer physical inspections and documentation checks will be conducted by the customs department from now on. If an inspection is necessary, NVO will receive an advance notification while the goods are still in transit.

Finally, NVO receives preferential treatment during checks and there is the option to have inspections take place at a certain location. With its AEO status, NVO demonstrates that – in addition to quality and reliability – safety and security are also integral aspects of its operations.